Our Financial Services


 Bills are mailed or sent electronically to PS LLC 


 Bills are reviewed, paid, & expenses are tracked 


 Documents are stored electronically 


 Monthly reports are delivered to you 

Our Website & Social Media Services


A domain name and hosting plan are decided on and purchased 


Site is created and published


Social media page is created and linked to website


Content is updated regularly

What We Will Always Do

 We will always provide confidential services to all our clients. We will not share your information with anyone, unless compelled by law. We will always treat our clients with dignity and respect. That excellent service will extend to everyone we deal with on your behalf. 

What We Can Do


While we will not replace other professionals in your life, we will complement their services. And when you need assistance or services that are beyond our expertise or purview, our staff will help you locate those professionals or services.

~ We can assist your income tax preparer by organizing and maintaining your financial records, and we will compile necessary documents into a binder for you.

~ We can manage and pay your monthly bills and reconcile your checkbook

~ We can give those with disabilities and the elderly the assistance they need to manage the financial aspect of their lives – and give both them and their families peace of mind

~ We can provide impartial, financial oversight for you, your family, or your business

~ We help you establish a budget and spending plans

~ We can serve as your personal financial assistant, and help you understand your financial life

~ We can support your business and work with you to help you succeed

What We Don't Do

 We do not take the place of other professionals. We will not replace your income tax preparer, your investment banker or broker, or those in the social service fields. We will not offer you any tax advice, we will not offer you any investment advice, we will not offer you any legal advice.