Website & Social Media Services

 . . . Because Life Happens.  We live in a busy world. Your team at Paid Solutions is there to support the small business owner. 

Need a website, but don't know how or where to start? Want a social media presence, but simply don't have the time to manage it? That’s where we come in. 


 According to the Small Business Administration, there are nearly 30 million small businesses in the the United States. A Google-commissioned study found that roughly 80 percent of small businesses do not take full advantage of digital tools. An analysis found that businesses using digital engagement tools such as websites and social media:

~ Experienced revenue growth over the previous year that was nearly four times as high

~ Had an average employment growth rate that was more than six times as high

~ Earned two times as much revenue per employee

To a small business owner, time is money. A website is a necessity in today's digital, mobile world. Have you chosen and purchased a domain name? So many options are available for hosting plans, which is the best for your business needs and your budget? Are you planning on creating a site from 'scratch,' or is there a template design that suits your needs? How about e-commerce - are you planning on selling products, accepting payments, or simply allowing your customers to book appointments online? How often will your site pages need content or merchandise updates? Do you want to keep track of when your hosting plan and domain name registration needs to be renewed? Do you have the time and technical knowledge to maintain a current, relevant website?

Social Media

Social media is an aspect of our daily lives that cannot be ignored. Facebook is continually in the news. However, it - and others like it - are valuable tools for businesses.

~ As of the end of 2018, there were over 2.32 billion monthly active users, reflecting an increase of 9% from the previous year

~ 1.52 billion (on average) log onto Facebook daily and are considered daily active users

~ 5 new profiles are created every second

~ 1 in 5 online page views in the US occurs on Facebook

Are you prepared to spend the time to keep your online content current? Interacting with your customers is a main focus of your business, the time you spend updating content keeps you away from your most valuable resource - your customers. 

"I don't have a darn clue what I need"




• Domain name search & registration

• Hosting plans

Website planning & design

Maintenance & updates

Social Media



• Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

• Content creation and updates

• Facebook Insights

• Social media as a marketing tool

Additional Services



• Website & social media integration

• E-commerce on websites & Facebook Pages 

• Online booking options for clients

• Legal aspects of online content reports that small businesses spend approximately 20% of their workday manually inputting financial data.  That adds up to roughly an entire day lost each week, time that could be spent on improving marketing tools and strategies, training staff on ways to enhance the customer’s experience, or launching a new product! And that's ONLY inputting financial data, that doesn't include updating online content. 

 Your team at Paid Solutions is here to give you back some of that time. We offer trustworthy, dependable, confidential services for your business. We can give you that extra set of hands you need, and we can take over those mundane duties that eat away at your day. We offer a Service Agreement that can be customized to fit YOUR needs.