Why Driveway Repair Is Best Left to the Pros

A driveway covered in cracks, filled with weeds, or stained with grease and oil can look unattractive. Although you can try to repair these problems, a professional may be your best bet. Cracks collect debris, water, and plant seeds and can become potholes or cause your driveway to crumble over time. Getting them filled as soon as possible prevents them from worsening.

Process Cost

A cracked or damaged driveway is a tripping hazard that needs to be repaired as soon as possible. If left unattended, these cracks can get worse and cause other problems with your home’s foundation. Some issues are easy to fix on your own, but others require the help of a professional Driveway Repair Charles Town WV.

Driveway Repair

Concrete repairs can range from $150 to over $2,000. The cost depends on the extent of the damage, whether resurfacing is required, and the type of driveway material. Concrete repair companies generally charge per square foot, so it is important to get quotes before deciding which contractor to choose.

Repairing a brick or cobblestone driveway can be more expensive than other types of repairs. It may be necessary to replace individual bricks or stones, and reseal the surface to protect it from further environmental damage. These repairs may also include resetting the sand layer underneath the bricks, which can be expensive. Crumbling concrete is another common problem that requires professional intervention. This can be due to poor installation, tree roots and frost, or heavy vehicle traffic. Resurfacing a crumbling concrete driveway can be costly, as it involves grinding down the damaged layers and adding a new top layer.

Asphalt driveways can be repaired with crack filler. Smaller potholes are usually easily fixed with this product, but larger ones require a full replacement of the damaged area. Potholes often indicate a drainage problem, and the cause should be addressed as soon as possible. It may be necessary to regrade the slope of your driveway, or install drainage systems to prevent future problems.

Sunken sections of a concrete driveway can be lifted by injecting lifting foam under the affected areas. It may be necessary to remove any grass or other vegetation that is causing the sinking, and to replace any loose soil or gravel that has been moved by the excavation process. It is a good idea to hire professionals to do this work, as it can be dangerous and difficult to do yourself. A professional can also evaluate the landscape and drainage design around your driveway to ensure that it isn’t contributing to future problems.


Concrete is more expensive than asphalt, but it offers superior durability. It can withstand the weight of heavy vehicles, and it can last up to 50 years. It’s also relatively easy to install and repair, and it requires less maintenance than a blacktop driveway. The main downside is that it can be difficult to clean and may harbor oil stains.

To prevent these stains from spreading, apply a concrete cleaner like ACT Microbial Concrete Cleaner (available at Amazon). The microbial formula breaks down and eliminates grease, oil, and other stubborn stains. The cleaner can also help keep the surface from cracking over time.

Before you start making repairs, make sure the surface is dry. If moisture gets trapped under the surface of your driveway, it can cause serious problems. If you have trouble getting the area completely dry, use a propane burner to heat it up and loosen any material.

After a thorough cleaning, you’re ready to start filling in the cracks and potholes. For narrow cracks, you can use a asphalt crack filler such as Henry Driveway Filler and Sealer (available at Walmart). It contains an asphalt resin that you can apply without heating it up.

If you have deeper cracks, you’ll need to use a more substantial repair product such as blacktop patch. Designed for the do-it-yourselfer, it provides the same high-quality results as blacktop putty used by highway crews, at a fraction of the cost.

Consumer Reports tested seven different products to find the best driveway patch. The top-rated one was the Aquaphalt, which is easy to use and the best choice for areas that will receive a lot of car traffic. It’s also the best material to use if you need to build up an edge or a curb, because it is the most resistant to shear and penetration. The other products were more difficult to work with and weren’t as good for these applications. The Sakrete Cold Patch was the next best choice, but it was still far less resistant to shear and penetration than the Aquaphalt.


Some driveway repair jobs require a lot of labor, such as resurfacing or replacing the entire surface. These projects are best left to professionals with the necessary equipment and experience. This is especially true for projects that involve asphalt or concrete. Moreover, the repair process can be very messy and may necessitate cleaning up afterwards.

A driveway is a critical part of the home’s curb appeal and should be maintained in good condition to enhance its appearance. Some common issues include cracks, potholes, and weeds. If left untreated, these problems can grow and lead to serious damage. However, keeping up with regular maintenance can prevent problems and reduce the cost of repairs.

When it comes to repairing a driveway, the first step is to inspect it and determine the extent of the damage. This will help you determine which type of repair is required. For example, cracks in a concrete driveway can be repaired by injecting lifting foam beneath them. Once the voids are filled, the cracked areas can be leveled to match the rest of the surface.

Homeowners can save money by filling in cracks promptly and sealing their driveways regularly. This will keep the damage from spreading and extend the life of the driveway. However, large cracks and deep holes may require resurfacing or replacement to avoid structural issues.

Another way to save on driveway repair costs is to choose the right deicing products. Some products can be very harsh on your driveway, so it’s best to opt for natural or organic alternatives. It’s also a good idea to get several estimates from different contractors. This will help you find the most competitive prices.

Many contractors charge by the linear foot or square foot for crack filling and resurfacing. This method allows them to easily estimate the costs of various projects.

Most repairmen will need to prepare the site before beginning any work on your driveway. They will clear the area of dirt, rocks, and other debris to ensure that the repair materials adhere properly. They may also need to weed the area or spray it with a weed killer to prevent weeds from growing in the cracks. Finally, they will need to sand the repaired areas with coarse grit sandpaper to smooth them out and make them flush with the rest of the surface.


A well-maintained driveway is an important part of your home’s curb appeal. It makes a great first impression for passersby and visitors, and it increases the value of your property. It also ensures the safety of vehicles and pedestrians. Cracks, divots, potholes and other damage can cause serious accidents, so it’s important to repair them as soon as you notice them. Whether your driveway is made of asphalt, concrete or gravel, regular maintenance will help it last a couple of decades. This includes patching cracks before they get bigger, filling in potholes and addressing other structural issues. Proper drainage is crucial, too.

Before you start the repair process, it’s important to prepare the area. You should sweep the driveway to remove any dirt and debris that could interfere with the repair. You should also use a pressure washer to clean away any oil or grease spots that may be present on the surface of your driveway. You should also spray the area with a weed killer to prevent weeds from growing in the cracks.

Depending on the type of repairs you need, it may take some time to complete the job. For example, repairing cracks in a concrete driveway takes longer than repairing cracks in an asphalt driveway. If you want to reduce the amount of time it takes to complete your driveway repair project, you should hire a professional. This will save you both time and money.

In addition to repairing cracks and resurfacing your driveway, you can also add new edging, borders and other decorations to improve the appearance of your home. A new sealcoat will also protect your driveway from the elements and extend its life.

Driveways made of concrete and asphalt are susceptible to a variety of problems, including surface wear and tear from the weight of vehicles, freezing and thawing cycles, and the sun’s UV rays. In some cases, the damage can be too severe to repair. For example, a concrete driveway that has major cracks and sunken sections may need to be replaced.